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A natural interlude in the heart of Noirmoutier

A few minutes drive from your campsite La Corsive in Fromentine – Barre de Monts, Noirmoutier is an island full of surprises and natural corners to discover. Between marsh, forest and beach, discover its exceptional natural sites throughout the day. Follow me now, I’ll take you for a ride!

List of things to remember for this day:

From your campsite, go to the island of Noirmoutier, and more precisely to the Port de Morin. Park your vehicle at the Port de Morin, this will be our starting point on foot. You will be able to admire the beautiful distant landscape, the blue of the water blending perfectly with the white sand. If you go back up to the North, 1 kilometer further, you will find the Pointe de Devin. Since 1773, a sea defence system has been erected there.

Walk around with your feet in the sand and feel the salty air permeate you. If you want to rest for a while I advise you to go up to the beach of Luzeronde, and relax.

Let’s go back!
Go up then in the marshes towards Les Marais Neufs. Covering 2/3 of the island of Noirmoutier, the salt marshes are its natural wealth. The salt workers harvest the salt every day with ancestral techniques perfectly mastered since the 5th century at the time of the monks. The sea water flows through the marsh streams. With the heat, the water evaporates leaving the salt it contained on the ground. The coarse salt will then crystallize, the salt workers will then be able to collect it with their skimmers and deposit it to finally drain it. Their work depends entirely on the weather conditions: wind, rain, sun. And each day’s harvest is different.

Walk the dirt and sand paths between the marshes for 5 miles and then back inland to L’Épine. The village of l’Épine is known for its stone-walled houses, its wood and its beautiful flowers that can be seen all around you. You will also cross the Bois de l’Épine, which extends over 3 kilometers. From this walk, you can’t leave without your bag of coarse salt from Noirmoutier, stop at L’Atelier du sel, in the village of l’Épine.

It will then be time to go back up towards the port of Morin. Stop in for a well-deserved refreshment. I suggest the Poisson-Bulle, open from April to September on the port, for a lunch, a snack, just a drink or a dinner. Discover their proposals of local, seasonal and gourmet products and enjoy the magnificent view from their terrace.

This route is 11.2 kilometers long, plan on walking for about 3 hours to fully enjoy it. On your way to or from the island, take the time to make a detour to pass on the Passage du Gois. This submersible road links the island of Noirmoutier to the mainland. It is therefore only accessible at low tide, so remember to watch the tides if you want to use it. Don’t worry, a classic bridge is accessible to reach the island, if however the Gois is not.

After this day full of emotions, it is time to return to the campsite La Corsive in Fromentine. When you get home, I suggest you try this 100% Noirmoutine recipe to continue the theme of the day:

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