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Stroll in the heart of nature

From your campsite La Corsive in Fromentine – La Barre de Monts, let’s go on an excursion by bike or on foot, for the day or half a day. We leave to discover the most beautiful landscapes around.

For this day on the theme of nature you will need to equip yourself:

Route 1 – for cyclists:

From your campsite climb on your bike and reach the place of La Gare in Fromentine, it’s only 4 minutes away, a little warm up before starting the course. This route lasts 3h30 and extends over 41 kilometers. It is accessible to all levels since it is relatively flat and often paved.

From the train station in Fromentine, drive about 3 kilometers to reach the fishery which is located on the banks of the river La Taillée. This fishery is traditional, built in wood and on stilts. Ideally located between the sea and the marshes, it has been used for fishing for many years. 4 kilometers further, you will find the fisherman’s hut, a little less recent, but just as nice to see.

Continue for about 9 kilometers and you will come face to face with the Bec lock, it is a bridge over one of the mouths of the Bec. And 300 meters further on, you will find the Port du Bec. Between 2 communes: Beauvoir sur Mer and Bouin, this port is one of the most important of the area in the transport of oysters. Since the 19th century, it has been used for the transport of seafood products, all over the world and mainly to China.

Then arm yourself with courage to walk the 19 kilometers that link you to the Passage du Gois. This famous passage of Noirmoutier is submersible, be careful with the tides before venturing there. It is paved, watch all those people fishing near the passage. Indeed, the passage of the Gois is also known for the fishing on foot. However, if you can’t cross it because of the tides, another bridge is accessible. After the Gois, drive for another 3 kilometers and take a look at the cookie factory of La barre de Monts. It is a must for your stay, for a small souvenir or a gourmet break on the way. Finally, you will have 2 kilometers to go before finding your way back to your campsite La Corsive.

Route 2 – for hikers

We propose a 10 kilometer hike in 3.5 hours, accessible to all walkers without any level required. The path is indicated by arrows set up for this hike, you will just have to follow them. From your campsite, walk a few hundred meters to reach the Pey de la Blet, a high point of view. Take the time to admire the view before heading back to the Caillebotière, you go deeper into the trees.

Continue to the Heronry. This place takes its name from the fact that herons and other wading birds build their nests here between April and June each year. A little silence, you may be lucky enough to see some. After that, continue towards the Parée Grollier road and then the Bois Soret road. At this point, it’s time to take a break.

Sit at the picnic tables and enjoy your meal in the shade of the forest pines. Let the calm of nature and the gentle breeze caress you. Get your strength back for the second part of this hike.

Continue towards the Forest House and then towards the Soret Wood where there are small ponds. Then go up to La Parée Grollier then Les Lays and finally to Les colonies de vacances. You will then arrive at the last step: the return to your campsite.

After these 3h30 of walking or cycling, a break and a little rest would be good for everyone, why not a little trip to the pool? In the indoor or outdoor pool, cool off!

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